Tips for selling your home

However good our photographs and marketing material appear, there is always more that can be done to increase the selling potential within the property market.  The following list is here as a helpful reminder, although you may have performed many of the tasks.  However, even just one or two more of the points carried out may go miles to providing a good impression and help towards selling your home.


Preparing your home for viewers is very important.  It will make sure your home sells faster and could potentially add to its value.

Create Kerb Appeal

  • Keep the front door of your home clean and in good condition
  • Make sure door bells work
  • Remove any litter outside the property you are selling and clear the path to your door
  • Trim hedges, repair fences and remove any dead pot plants


A little tidiness goes a long way in the garden of a property.  Keep hedges trimmed and lawns mown.  A well-stocked garden has more appeal than one with straggly, dying bushes.


Some people find it difficult to envisage what the property would look like if they were living there.  Make it easier for them and tidy the house.  Get rid of any excess ornaments, pictures and clutter that you have accumulated.  Ask someone to store if for you until your house is sold.

Put excess and bulky furniture into storage.  This will make your house look more spacious.

Keeping your property tidy is also important when selling, especially on crucial second visits. If a potential buyer does come back, making that extra effort with fresh flowers can pay dividends.

Keep it Furnished

If your house is vacant, it’s a good idea to leave some furniture in it for viewings.  Limit the amount of furniture in the property for an uncluttered look.  Surprisingly, furniture can make rooms feel bigger and also helps show how the property can be lived in.

A Coat of Fresh Paint

Give the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint.  This will make your home seem lighter and bigger.  The buyers will be able to move in and use the rooms immediately.

If the front door is looking shabby, give it a new coat of paint.

Repair and clean

When selling a property, it is vital to clean it regularly – dust and vacuum.

Repair anything that is broken, e.g. cracked tiles, holes in walls, broken door knobs etc.

Replace torn or threadbare carpets.  Many buyers want to move in without making changes.

Clean the bathroom till is sparkles!  Get rid of limescale, repair tile grout and hang up fresh towels.

Tidy the garden.  Get rid of weeds, cut overgrown bushes, cut the grass and get rid of any dirt on the patio and furniture.

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most valuable room in the house and can make a big difference in the decision of potential buyers.  You can make many changes without having to go to the expense of having it totally refitted.

Replace shabby cupboard doors – much cheaper than fitting new cabinets.  De-clutter the surfaces by putting away any bulky appliances.  Just leave a bowl of fruit out.


Let there be light – it’s one of the main assets when selling your home.

Emphasise natural light where possible by:

  • Drawing back curtains to allow maximum light to enter
  • Keeping windows of the property clean and window-sills uncluttered
  • Removing old net curtains

Create an inviting look by:

  • Using side lights for a softer, warmer effect
  • Ensuring all light bulbs are working

Try and keep rooms throughout the property bright and well-ventilated.  Put up some mirrors – especially in small rooms and hallways – they can make a room look much bigger and lighter.

Make sure all your light bulbs work and put lamps on in any dark corners.

Fresh flower arrangements bring colour, life, light and fragrance to a room.

Warm the House

If you are selling in the colder months, make sure your house is warm and inviting. You can increase your property’s appeal and sell it faster by keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.  Light a fire if you have one and if your property is empty, set the heating so it comes on at regular intervals during winter.


Clean all the windows – inside and out.

Make sure the windows are properly dressed with blinds or curtains to make sure the house does not seem run down.  Buy cheap ones if necessary.

Get the right smells

Bad smells will put off prospective buyers.  Don’t just mask the odours but fix the source of the smell. Clear drains, wash bins, open windows and air the kitchen from old cooking smells.

The smell of stale cigarette smoke will put off potential buyers.  Make sure no-one smokes in your house.

Good smells can make a property feel like an alluring home. While it might be impractical to bake fresh bread or cakes for every viewer that visits your home, you could perhaps brew some fresh coffee.

General Building

Doors, Windows, House Movement, Electricals, Plumbing, Damp, Condensation and Drains are also just some of the elements that need consideration when selling your property.  Keep things in perspective and don’t go overboard.  Just concentrate on the relevant elements that will help to seal the right deal and sell your property.


When you decide to sell your property, come and talk to us. As well as valuing your property, we’d be happy to share our knowledge of local conditions and offer informed suggestions on any presentation or refurbishments that could boost your sale price.

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