About Us

Marsh and Marsh Properties is a family run, independent estate agency (established in 2015), offering a personal and friendly service with lower than average prices for clients who are looking to sell their home.

The family members you’ll meet at Marsh and Marsh are:

Dad: Jonathan

  • Eight years surveying experience building and running his own company,
  • 27 years financial services experience in the building society and banking industry working in key roles including 16 years as a senior manager in marketing,
  • Performed a major role in developing the Halifax House Price Index (the acknowledged economic measure of how house prices move within the nation and locally) and marketing the benefits to industry and the public,
  • For eight years Jonathan worked in the domestic energy industry creating a good reputation and building a recognised name that people trust. During this period Jonathan worked alongside reputable and successful estate agents, building knowledge and experience of the estate agency practice especially when performing estate agent cover,
  • Jonathan wants to provide a service that customers will be pleased with and will remember for all the right reasons.

Son: Samuel

  • Trained with a recognised, successful and reputable estate agent and now with his own growing reputation as a key player in Marsh and Marsh Properties,
  • Sam has set his sights on providing an unrivalled offering and service.  He is also quick on the uptake and eager to develop the services of the estate agency to be one that is envied for its excellent service and reputation.  His enthusiasm will be a driving force to ensure that customers receive the best we can offer,
  • Sam completed his PhD at the University of Manchester and received his Doctorate … so now his Dad has to refer to him as Doctor Marsh,
  • For 3 years Sam had management experience in a technical organisation based within the campus of Manchester,
  • Sam had previously completed a degree at Bradford University.

Why Choose Us?

Together, Marsh and Marsh bring the advantage of youth and experience and a fresh approach to the property market for the benefit of all our customers.

For everyone selling their home, we aim to provide a friendly and hassle-free, good quality service with no hidden charges.  Come in to the shop or give us a call.  We are always happy to chat and discuss your needs.

Our aim is to provide a reliable, friendly and high quality service, offering excellent, lower than average prices and have happy Customers pleased to boast about our services.
We also provide Free Valuations without any obligation – give us a call today on 01422 648 400.

Confused about Stamp Duty (Land Tax – SDLT)?  Use the calculator in the sidebar, or visit the government website calculator: Calculate Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)