As with everything we do at Marsh and Marsh Properties, we like to stay local – and it is the same with Solicitors/Conveyancers.  We have a list of Solicitors/Conveyancers, all local to Calderdale and the surrounding areas, from which you may choose – or alternatively one of your own choice.


On choosing your new home you may require a personal survey.  When obtaining your mortgage there will generally be a requirement for at minimum a Valuation of your new property, at this time the bank/building society may offer either a Home Buyers Report or a more in-depth Structural Survey.  Before you accept this “upgrade” at a cost, it may be prudent to consider using an independent surveyor (who is RICS qualified) – this may save you money.

Our suggested Surveyors are all RICS qualified and regulated.  If your are interested please do let us know – we can pass on their details.


Should you require a mortgage to purchase your property it is often more economical (you may save £,000) to use a Mortgage Broker rather than simply going to your local bank.  Your local bank will only offer their products rather than comparing those mortgages available in the general marketplace.

If you need a mortgage let us know.  We use good local financial specialists who are independent and fully regulated by their governing compliance bodies.

General Finance

Quite often, as you take on a new property and a new mortgage, there are opportunities to improve your financial cover.  The financial specialists we use are also able to assist you with this service and once again, trawl the industry, with the intention of getting you the best deal they can find.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Each property, whether going for Sale or for Let must have an EPC – generally the EPC needs to be completed before or shortly after commencement of marketing your property.  There are only a few exceptions to properties needing an EPC (one being Grade II listed buildings) – the Domestic Energy Assessor will be able to determine those rare occasions where no EPC is required.

You may source your own EPC or alternatively, Marsh and Marsh Properties can arrange one on your behalf.

Pole & 360° Photography

As part of our general marketing of property, there are occasions when Pole and/or 360° Photography provide that extra touch and enhances the marketing of your property.  These are an all-inclusive (free) service in relation to the marketed property for our Selling & Letting Customers.

However, if you would simply like to utilise our Pole and/or 360° photograph services for your property, whether that is for your own display or for investigating any specific aspect of the property that is generally “out of reach” we are happy to provide that service.  Our basic charge for providing digital images of your property is £100.  All photographs will be provided to you in digital format.

Forward Negotiation

If you find the idea of negotiating the purchase of your next house a little daunting, do not despair.  We have experience negotiating and are willing to perform this service on your behalf with the aim of obtaining the property for the best price – possibly saving you £,000.   We simply charge £200 per property on which we negotiate.  For more information, call into our local office.  (Restrictions do apply – e.g. we cannot negotiate on a property we are selling.)

Property Renovation

Once you have bought your property you may wish to make alterations.  If, like many of our previous customers, you don’t know a decent and reliable building company, capable of covering: plumbing, electrics, heating, plastering, decorating and general building alterations – do not despair.  We discovered one – via our own customers’ recommendations – and they are still being used as I write this.  We are more than happy to pass on their details – in fact, when needed we’ll use them ourselves.